Far from a ‘one size fits all’ solution, our flexible trade and supply chain finance solutions are a vital ingredient in our clients' funding mix.

Financing purchases of trade goods and commodities
Global client base across all industry sectors
Initial facilities of $3m to $10m
Simple solutions that complement existing bank lines
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Trade and Purchase Finance are not just for importers, here’s just some of the ways we help our clients grow their businesses with Trade Finance from Woodsford TradeBridge.

Wholesale and Retail

Our purchase finance facilities are an effective way of funding more turnover, especially in the lead up to peak seasons. Trading clients use their facility to take advantage of great buying opportunities the might otherwise miss.


Our flexible approach means that we are able to help our manufacturing clients fill their funding gaps. From financing component parts to customised equipment and better procurement.

New-start Companies

Most asset lease companies will only fund your equipment once it is commissioned in the UK. We help our clients fund the import of specialised machinery.

Beat The Competition

Supply Chain Finance is a tool for disrupting the status quo in your industry and Woodsford TradeBridge have the flexibility to help you do it.
Domestic or international, we can fund all of your goods purchases.

Why choose Woodsford TradeBridge

as your Trade Finance partner?


We’re the Experts

Our team have decades of Trade Finance experience between them, from commodities to the “rag trade”. We can help make sure you get the right facility for your needs.


We’re Transparent

Trade Finance can be a murky world, with many hidden fees and charges for the unwary. At Woodsford TradeBridge, we guarantee complete transparency and no hidden charges.


Great Service

Funding your purchase orders is what we do, and (if we may say so) we’re pretty good at it. Oh, and we have real people who answer the phone in case you should need to ring.


Meet The Expert In Trade
Finance, Maurice Ezekiel.

Co-founder of our Trade Finance business Maurice has almost 30 years of experience in the industry and has helped many hundreds of UK SMEs access the right growth finance.

Blending deep sector knowledge with Woodsford innovation, there really is no better person to look after your Trade Finance requirements. Maurice will work with you directly to identify all available options and structure a Trade Finance package to allow your business to grow and flourish.
How It Works
Woodsford TradeBridge Trade Finance comes in two flavours.

Which depends on the specific needs of your business - Purchase Finance and Transaction Finance.

Purchase Finance

Simply an ‘overdraft’ for paying your suppliers.

Your Purchase Finance facility is straight forward and unlike traditional Trade Finance, is not linked to a customer order.

With Purchase Finance, we fund any goods that you are purchasing for resale, even if they are for inventory. You repay us up to 120 days later.

Transaction Finance

The complete trade finance solution, sometimes referred to as Purchase Order Finance.

Your transaction finance facility is designed to fund the entire cash cycle, using your customers purchase order as security.

We fund the purchase of the goods from your supplier (including import costs if required) and get repaid when your customer pays the final invoice.


“The speed and simplicity of our Woodsford Tradebridge facility enables us to take advantage of opportunities that our bank lines do not”.

CFO Agri-commodities Trading House

Getting up and running with your own Trade Finance programme is easier than you might expect.

  • Usually we can give you a formal facility limit within a week of our initial meeting.
  • No costly or time-consuming audits or bank waivers.
  • Straight forward documentation and no unexpected legal fees to pay.

Introducing Woodsford BridgeIT!

Woodsford BridgeIT is our unique, easy to use online portal for you to see and manage your facility.

You load and approve invoices directly in the system and have complete visibility over the payment made and repayments due.

The system is especially powerful for our transaction finance solution where the system automatically clears supplier payments against the corresponding sales invoices.

Frequently Asked Questions

We don’t have any restrictions on which sectors we can fund (with-in reason!) although our current client base tends to be mostly in the retail/wholesale and manufacturing sectors.

Trade Finance is only suitable for purchasing trade goods, so if you require the funding of services (e.g. for sub contractors) our Supply Chain Finance product might be more suitable.

With our private funding and flexible approach, Woodsford TradeBridge do not take a check-box approach to lending. We will consider any well run company, but as a rule of thumb you can consider the criteria below.

Purchase Finance is particularly suited to companies with a turnover over £2M. You will need a healthy balance sheet with net assets of at least 200% of your requested limit or a good record of profitable trading.

Transaction Finance can be used in many more situations, from new start companies to large commodity transactions. We will be looking for secure customer orders, a good product and your track record in this sector (maybe with a previous company).

Woodsford Trade Finance is funded by a mixture of family office investment and senior bank lending from a large European bank. This gives us both the flexibility to be truly innovative and well as offering competitive rates. For example, we are able to actively fund good companies in sectors where banks have retreated.

Woodsford have a 30 year track record of successful investment in both the finance and real estate development/construction sectors.

We can fund almost any supplier that is not a related company. We fund suppliers in most countries from China to India to Brazil, infact any country where there is no trade restrictions or sanctions.

We look at security on a case by case basis, and for many of our clients we are able to offer a facility with no formal security. We do cover some of our exposure using credit insurance and will sometimes request cross company or limited personal guarantees

Woodsford Trade Finance facilities have been explictly designed to work together with other common funding products. Pretty much all of our clients have existing debt facilities such as invoice discounting or overdrafts.

We have partnerships with some of the UK’s most respected asset based lenders, so we can also put together a competitive, complete funding solution should you require it.

Purchase Finance is often a superior alternative for companies looking to fund their inventory. As we are lending against the value of your whole company (including the stock) we don’t need to do a complicated calculation every time you would like to draw funds. You can read more about the advantages of purchase finance here.

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