Release $ millions from your supply chain, create stronger supplier relationships and save hours of frustration with an intelligent supply chain finance solution that makes it simple to free up working capital


Working capital that works for you

Supply chain finance turns invoices into revenue opportunities and increases supplier liquidity by automating early payments, releasing cash and strengthening supplier relationships.

A new form of liquidity

If you need help with your seasonal cash cycle, or you are frustrated by existing stock or invoice finance arrangements, a supply chain finance facility improves business liquidity,  and sits gently alongside existing bank arrangements.

Boost your cash position

Use supply chain finance to improve your margin, reduce your cash conversion cycle and DPO. Reach out to new suppliers with competitive payment terms, and take advantage of new sales opportunities.

Be more competitive

Remove liquidity-related barriers to growth. Join the other strong, successful businesses using supply chain finance to give their business greater agility to proactively address market challenges and create competitive advantage.
Woodsford TradeBridge are market leaders in working capital solutions, making UK businesses stronger and more agile, offering innovative supply chain finance to support business growth.

Choose Woodsford TradeBridge as your

supply chain finance partner


We’re not a bank

Woodsford TradeBridge have provided facilities of more than £500 million since launch, funded entirely using our own money. Our supply chain finance facilities are tailored to your business, and work in harmony with all major bank lending.


We’re fast

From the first meeting with one of our supply chain finance experts, our credit process, legal agreements and systems are straight forward and quick to implement. There are no tie-ins, and our IT platform is simple to set up and even easier to use.


Great service

Paying suppliers is what we do. We will run an onboarding session for your finance team and contractors to get you started. And we have real, knowledgeable people available to answer the phone, just in case you need to call us for support.

Supply chain finance is a straight forward
product that can often solve complex business needs

  • Supply chain finance is a simple effective funding tool that should be in every finance directors ‘tool kit’. It can take a number of different forms, and we will work with you to find the one that best suits your needs.
  • You may hear supply chain finance called a number of different things. We don’t care if you call it SCF, supplier finance or reverse factoring - the outcome is still the same. An improved cash position and greater working capital flexibility to support your business plans and operations.
  • Our expert team bring a depth of business experience to help you design a Woodsford TradeBridge supply chain finance programme to meet your business needs, whether you have ambitions to grow, need additional liquidity following a management buyout,  or simply need improved liquidity to allow you to move more quickly and negotiate supplier discounts.

Woodsford TradeBridge supply chain finance is designed to be flexible enough to meet the specific needs of your business, but we generally operate in two modes: Supplier initiated or buyer initiated programmes.

Supplier initiated supply chain finance lets suppliers request early payment of approved invoices

Particularly useful in industries where:

  • Certain suppliers are in high demand.
  • Traditional payment terms are long.
  • Cash flow is irregular.

Ensure a productive relationship with existing suppliers, and approach new ones with confidence and negotiating power.

Supplier initiated supply chain finance

With buyer initiated supply chain finance, we pay your suppliers so you don't have to

Particularly useful where:

  • Clients would like to capture opportunities for substantial early payment discounts or additional revenue.
  • Providing additional working capital for seasonal peaks.

You decide how much to repay and when, using our flexible terms to offer your business maximum agility.

Suppler initiated supply chain finance

Rolling out a customised supply chain finance programme is easier than you might expect.

We are not a bank

  • We use all our own funds, and can move quickly as we are not dependent on third party investors
  • Usually we can give you a formal limit for your Woodsford TradeBridge facility within a couple of weeks of our initial meeting.
  • Our unsecured facility sits alongside existing bank facilities (some extensive) in all of our clients without conflict.

A straightforward commercial agreement

  • We pay your suppliers, you pay us back on the due date - it's that straightforward
  • You are free to take external legal advice (most clients don’t). In any case we don’t expect you to pay for our legal advice.

Flexible and customisable finance facilities

  • Our supply chain experts Grant and Murray work closely with every new client to design a facility that's suited to your business needs.
  • Our BridgeIT portal is user friendly and offers a number of integration options.
  • We can help you with your Accounts Payable processes (or introduce your finance team to an existing client).

Woodsford BridgeIT - an intuitive platform for all finance teams

With over $500m of payments transacted, our proven technology platform allows your finance team full visibility and control over your invoices.

Critical to the success of any supplier early payment process is ensuring the ‘procure to pay’ processes remain efficient. Our approach is to “start simple” and our invoice upload process enables you to submit invoices from day one, without IT integration costs.

Where necessary, approved suppliers gain full visibility of their invoice status choosing which invoices are paid early and when, and Woodsford TradeBridge take care of the system administration and setup for all supplier and buyer users.

Frequently asked questions

Woodsford TradeBridge SCF is particularly suited to companies with a turnover of between £25 – 500M. Whilst most of our clients have a healthy balance sheet, we do also offer programmes to good companies either midway through a turnaround or who are in a ‘pre-profit’ growth phase. We fund smaller companies and some start-up companies via our trade finance products.

Yes, although we may request guarantees from parent companies where appropriate. We also use credit insurance to cover at least a portion of our risk via a panel of insurers.

TradeBridge are funded by a mixture of family office investment and senior bank lending from a large European bank. This gives us both the flexibility to be truly innovative and well as offering competitive rates. For example, we are able to actively fund good companies in sectors where banks have retreated.

Woodsford have a 30 year track record of successful investment in both the finance and real estate development / construction sectors.

Sitting as an unsecured creditor, the Tradebridge facility has been explictly designed not to conflict with existing secured banking products. Pretty much all of our clients have existing debt facilities with high street banks and our agreements have been approved by the main banks a number of times already.

Negotiating on payments terms is an art that has been forgotten in many organisations and our clients are often surprised at the kind of discounts available for early payment, even from very large suppliers. We find that one key factor is for the finance department to set strict payment terms for supplier payments and use SCF to handle the exceptions. Good for your process costs, balance sheet and bottom line!

We don’t have any restrictions on which sectors we can fund (with-in reason!) although our current client base tends to be mostly in the construction, manufatcuring, energy services and retail / wholesale.

Reverse factoring is a supply chain product created by the banks for their investment grade (i.e. FTSE100) companies. The simple idea is to dramatically push out payment terms for the largest suppliers. The reality is much more complex and not really suited for the mid market clients we serve. That is why we designed a much simpler legal and operational framework that is not reverse factoring!

We have a number of clients who co-fund their programmes when they have excess cash available and we would be happy to discuss this option with you.

See our blog post (FAQ’s for your suppliers) link for more.

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