Client: Manufacturer of raw materials for rotomoulding industry

Client: Matrix Polymers

manufacturing raw materials - Additional working capital with Woodsford TradeBridge

Supplying the rotomoulding industry

Simon Wallington, Global COO and Finance Director, explains how Matrix Polymers were able to expand their business in Asia with an unsecured Woodsford TradeBridge supply chain finance facility. 

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Supporting business growth strategy with additional working capital – case study


Who are Matrix Polymers?

“Matrix Polymers is a 27 year old privately-owned business that focuses on supplying raw materials to the rotational moulding industry.

Initially we started in 1992 as a polyethylene distribution company. We’ve since expanded globally and now have five production plants across the globe.

We have a very expansive and diverse customer base, covering a wide range of industries including automotive, construction and leisure.”


Why Woodsford TradeBridge?

“Our Woodsford TradeBridge supply chain finance facility is unsecured, so it does not affect our existing financier relationships or security pledges, and sits alongside our existing IF and banking facilities.

The credit signoff is fast – about 4-6 weeks maximum – and a lot less onerous than with other providers.”


What’s your biggest challenge?

“We have huge opportunities to grow, especially in Asia, where our business sales turnover and volumes have increased in excess of 120% over the past 3 years.

We are currently looking to increase our Woodsford TradeBridge facility. This will allow us to purchase higher volumes of raw materials whilst at the same time giving us additional working capital in the short term that we can put into use elsewhere, to grow the business.”

To find out more about how Woodsford TradeBridge works with Matrix Polymers, download the full story:


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