Embracing Fintech

Built on growth through understanding - with a renewed fintech focus for 2020

Woodsford TradeBridge has always been a fintech powered business, and over the years we have developed a simple and streamlined user interface, together with data analysis tools and algorithms to sit behind our fast decision-making process. We use our technology and our sector specialists to look far beyond the balance sheet and top line financial information, to truly understand a business’s potential for growth.

Our technology empowers fast and insightful decisions, which means our specialists can extend funding to high growth international and eCommerce businesses and marketplaces every day.

Embracing fintech

In mid-2019, Stephanie Frackowiak joined the Woodsford TradeBridge team.

Stephanie has more than 20 years’ experience in eCommerce and in the financial services technology sector. With a strong fintech background, Stephanie brings a renewed focus to the way in which Woodsford TradeBridge uses technology to be creative when providing capital to ambitious businesses, including new product developments for eCommerce platforms.Stephanie Frackowiak

Based in Paris and London, her experience in pan-European roles brings a deeper understanding of continental business and markets.

As Woodsford TradeBridge continues to work with more global businesses, this experience and insight can only bring us closer to the real opportunities and challenges faced by our clients today and in the future.

Stephanie’s fintech credentials

It is no accident that Stephanie bases herself in Paris – with initiatives such as Station F demonstrating that France is embracing entrepreneurship, it is a city she feels very comfortable in.

Since the French market is showing signs of both resilience and invigoration, there is strong interest in extending the Woodsford TradeBridge presence to France. Leveraging our Francophile team to operate in mainland Europe – especially in light of uncertainty around Brexit – makes sense on many levels.

Station F, Paris FranceFor more than seven years, as a senior manager at Alfa Financial Software, Stephanie developed her craft – writing code, executing software implementations and delivering business change projects. She worked with large financial institutions such as Lombard, Royal Bank of Scotland, Commonwealth Bank Australia and Swedbank.

As a member of the senior team at Alfa, an entrepreneurial fintech business, she was involved in the company’s expansion into Australia and the Baltics. Following this success, Stephanie moved to a subsequent role with SunGard, where she developed broader fintech experience building out new business offerings across Europe, APAC and the USA.

Five years ago, Stephanie moved into the start-up ecosystem, with a key focus on digital marketing within a fast-moving technology environment. As part of the European leadership team at Sprinklr, Stephanie was key to helping the company expand to customers outside the USA. This was a critical part of the company strategy to achieve the hypergrowth that is required of a tech unicorn. Sprinklr software is now used by most major brands worldwide to refine and optimise their online presence and manage omnichannel customer experience.

Early in 2019, Stephanie was ready for a new challenge. Woodsford TradeBridge’s management team, who had known her for many years, were excited to bring her on board. Her hire strengthens our fintech offering and will allow the business to develop further, giving our ambitious clients innovative access to the funding they require to create agility and growth in their business.

Stephanie’s current role includes a specific focus on Woodsford TradeBridge’s eSupply chain initiative, a unique finance solution designed specifically to meet the needs of eCommerce platform businesses.

Introducing the eSupply Chain

Woodsford TradeBridge | Fintech powered decision-making in Paris and London BloomsburyAlthough based in Paris, Stephanie is regularly seen in our Bloomsbury head office, working strategically with the board and supporting our most ambitious clients.

According to Stephanie, “For me, it’s all about pushing the tech further. How can we use this to do more for our clients? How can we help them to grow faster and more profitably?”.

A key growth area for Woodsford TradeBridge is in eCommerce. This fintech innovation allows online marketplace platforms to offer partners, contractors and suppliers easy access to working capital.

The combination of our solution with platform data allows marketplace vendors quick and easy access to finance secured against their actual or predicted level of sales. This empowers suppliers or boutiques  to capitalise on their success with the platform provider or online retailer, accelerating their growth story accordingly.

Ambition for growth

Woodsford TradeBridge is an innovative fintech business that uses technology, expertise and our own private funding to put more money in the right places.

We free ambitious organisations around the world to embrace opportunity.

For more information or to request an initial consultation:
Stephanie Frackowiak on +33187650235 or [email protected]

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