Whatever your industry sector, from retail to construction, manufacturing to pharmaceutical, accelerate your business growth by removing liquidity-related barriers to growth.


Fund growth

Use your strong balance sheet to release additional working capital, freeing up your senior team to make the right decisions to accelerate business growth.

Be a market leader

Disrupt the status quo with working capital flexibility to support innovation. Become more agile and responsive to changes in your market.

Produce more

Increase production capacity and bring on new suppliers to fulfil a fast growing order book, however long your cash conversion cycle.

Grow your supply chain

Take advantage of more sales opportunities and strengthen your supply chain. Help suppliers fulfil increasing orders, so you can grow.

We support business growth


We support strong businesses

Our clients come to us when they are consistently increasing sales turnover. Many highly profitable businesses come to us for working capital to fund future growth.


We invest in your business

We're an ambitious, growing business ourselves. We will take time to understand your organisation, going beyond the P&L and balance sheet to support organisations with huge potential.


You can bank on us

We use our own funding to provide working capital facilities, so unlike other lenders, we are not reliant on external investors.

Accelerate growth with supply chain finance

We work across every industry sector

  • It's important that your business is strong, but we don't rely only on your published accounts.
  • All our funding decisions are based on conversations with our working capital experts, who take the time to understand your ambitions for growth.

We understand that business growth is a long game

  • Our relationship with your business is long-term. We'll celebrate your successes, and work with you to overcome working capital and liquidity-related challenges along the way.
  • Our clients rarely leave. With facilities that sit gently alongside other funding vehicles, that are flexible enough to grow with you and with no tie-ins or fuss, why would you want to go?

In the last five years, our supply chain finance facilities have provided over $1b of additional liquidity to our clients.

If you need a decision fast, that's fine by us

  • We can meet you in person at your offices, you can visit us at our Bloomsbury HQ, or we can organise a video consultation, to suit you.
  • Usually we can give you a formal limit for your working capital facility within a couple of weeks of our initial meeting.
  • You will always meet with a decision-maker that has worked with other businesses like yours, who will invest their time to understand your plans for growth.
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