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Freedom to grow

At Woodsford TradeBridge we believe that every business needs freedom to grow and prosper. We combine our technology, sector expertise and capital to deliver more money to the right places, freeing businesses around the world to embrace opportunity.

We offer flexible working capital solutions that sit seamlessly alongside existing banking relationships. We give our clients the freedom to respond quickly to opportunities in the market, secure critical supplier relationships, expand into new markets, and fund innovation or growth.

Every business is unique

Every business we work with has different challenges and opportunities for growth, and we thrive on that diversity.

Over the last ten years, we have provided financing of more than $2b to a huge range of businesses internationally and in the UK. For example:

  • $10m supplier finance programmes
  • specialist pharmacy finance facilities starting at £50k
  • $2m in merchant facilities for eCommerce marketplaces

We offer businesses freedom …

Freedom to look beyond international borders.

Freedom to embrace opportunity.

Freedom to negotiate early payment discounts.

Freedom to drive innovation and to support new ideas for growth.

We help businesses grow.

> Discover the milestones in our own business journey

How we help growing businesses

Woodsford TradeBridge supports global businesses with straightforward working capital solutions.

Broadly there are two types of finance available today. On the one hand, the banks. Banks hold significant capital, but are typically very traditional, with out-dated technology and slow to respond.

On the other hand, the new breed of fintech platforms: better technology, but no capital of their own.

At Woodsford TradeBridge, we combine the two – a deep pool of committed capital with next generation fintech and data science.

This makes us a reliable financial partner – and means we can deliver innovative solutions, fast.

Our difference

You will meet only business experts, with years of solid financial expertise behind them.  Their single focus is to understand your business, and create flexible working capital solutions that deliver tangible benefits to you and your supply chain.


From our offices in London, Singapore and Paris we offer international market leaders, strong family firms, regional champions, global unicorns and financially stable disruptors the…

freedom to expand

freedom to innovate

freedom to enter new markets

freedom to win new customers

freedom to embrace new opportunities

freedom to beat the competition

or perhaps even the freedom to acquire the competition.


Our funding is privately sourced which gives us unmatched flexibility in who and how we support.


We have the flexibility and the industry expertise, to develop a solution that will complement your business and existing facilities.


Our robust, simple and above all proven technology platform gives you complete visibility of the transactional process.

But you needn’t just take our word for this – you can read about the businesses we have helped on our case studies.

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Our credentials

We are young but we are well connected. Woodsford Tradebridge was started in 2013, supported by the Woodsford Group of companies (that includes litigation, consulting and capital management companies).

Our people are vital to our success. Their single focus is to understand your business, to fund the right facility – we’ve simplified all our paperwork and legal processes so we can focus on growth, not on bureaucracy. And when you become a client, you will be supported by highly qualified operations people with financial backgrounds and a real-life passion for client services.

We are culturally diverse, and an equal opportunities employer with key team members of every age and background.

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