Who we are

At Woodsford TradeBridge we believe that the UK banking sector is letting down strong, growing businesses by failing to meet their need for the effective working capital which is so vital for growth.

We offer a range of flexible working capital solutions designed to sit seamlessly alongside existing banking relationships. Our programmes give our clients the agility to respond quickly to opportunities in the market, secure critical supplier relationships, expand into new markets, and fund innovation or growth.

About you

Every business is different, and we thrive on that diversity. But, Small and Medium Sized Businesses (SMBs) have some very particular challenges. Challenges that at Woodsford Tradebridge, we understand.

From smaller trade and pharmacy finance facilities starting at £100K up to our £10M supplier finance programmes for larger companies, we use our technology and creativity to deliver the maximum positive impact to your business.

We know that…

Cash flow can sometimes be an issue, along with the timing of purchasing.

Negotiating beneficial early payment discounts can sometimes be difficult.

Innovation and growth for your business requires these issues to disappear.

We see these issues in businesses every day.

How we can help

Every facility comes with our straightforward pledge: we will treat you fairly with no hidden fees, no lock-ups and no fuss.

At Woodsford Tradebridge we believe the UK banking sector is letting down strong, growing businesses.  Inflexible banking practices and regulations mean that the working capital, which is so vital for growth, is simply not available to some SMBs.

With access to private funding, our flexible working capital solutions are designed to sit seamlessly alongside your existing banking relationships. And because our processes are fast and flexible, we can give you the agility to respond quickly to market opportunities, secure critical supplier relationships and ultimately fund a better future for your business.

How we do it

You will meet only business experts, with years of solid financial expertise behind them.  Their single focus is to understand your business, and fund flexible working capital solutions that respond to your needs, delivering tangible befits to you and your supply chain.

We aim to keep things simple, because that way we can work fast.  We don’t mess around with overly complex legal agreements. You deal with the decision makers for your funding directly.  And once on board, you will speak with Client Services Managers who are real people – and they are friendly and responsive!

We are not a bank

Our funding is privately sourced which gives us unmatched flexibility in who and how we support.

We know one size does not fit all

We have the flexibility and the industry expertise, to work a solution that will compliment your business and existing facilities.


It’s what gives us the edge – our robust, simple and above all proven, technology platform gives you complete visibility of the transactional process.

But you needn’t just take our word for all this – you can read about some of the businesses we have helped on our Case Studies page.

Our credibility

We are young but we are well connected!  Woodsford Tradebridge was started in 2013, supported initially by the Woodsford Group of companies (that includes a litigation, consulting and capital management companies), we have grown quickly to stand on our own two feet.  2018 saw us reach a significant milestone as we exceeded £500M of lending to SMBs in the UK and internationally.

But more important than that to us, is the people that we employ. They give us confidence in our product and our performance. You will meet business experts, with years of solid financial expertise behind them, their single focus is to understand your business in order to fund the right facility. And then you will be supported by operations people with degrees, financial backgrounds and a real-life passion for client services.

We are proud of our work and you are welcome to pop in and see it anytime. You’ll find limited hierarchy, an open plan space, and that everyone knows one another.  We are culturally diverse, an equal opportunities employer and will employ you if you are 16 or 60 if you are right for the job! Click here to meet our experts.

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