Free your ambitious organisation with our technology, capital and expertise. Embrace opportunity GROWTH SOLUTIONS
With well over $2b of transactions completed, we are one of the fastest-growing non-bank, global providers of working capital.
Based on a deep understanding of our clients and their sectors, our supply chain finance solutions give ambitious businesses around the world freedom to grow.

Experts in tech led supply chain finance

We provide flexible, responsive multi-currency working capital facilities of up to $10m.

Grow your business

Supporting your business growth plans with an additional source of working capital.

Liquidity and supplier boost

Providing more liquidity to assist with seasonal cash cycles (without hurting your suppliers).

Improve margins

Giving your business more flexibility to take the best deals and drive down costs.
We support more than 250 companies with a combined turnover of more than $13 billion and 26,412 employees.

Woodsford TradeBridge have been funding our online business since 2015, with their support our marketplace revenues have grown from practically nothing to well over £1m per annum. CEO Independent UK retailer.

Distributor to the retail sector

eSupply Chain Finance

The move to online retail has not only disrupted the old high street retailers, but it has torn up the rule book for funding retail businesses. Talk to us about how we can help drive your GMV growth with our:

  • Merchant lending programmes
  • Fast checkout instalment payment
  • Accelerated payment for affiliates and partners

Global supply chain finance

Our trade finance solution for larger international trading companies. Let us show you how we can support your growing business with a more flexible trade finance solution:

  • Fast processing of supplier payments
  • Flexible, to cover more difficult trades
  • Unsecured for approved clients

'“The Woodsford TradeBridge facility
gives huge flexibility to our business,
supporting ambitious growth plans.'

Simon Wallington, Global COO
Matrix Polymers

Supply chain finance

Every Finance Director should have SCF as part of their working capital toolkit. By adding more flexibility to the payables side of their ledger, our clients in the UK and elsewhere are able to:

  • Embrace growth opportunities
  • Better manage their liquidity position
  • Improve their margins
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'I switched from a traditional bank
facility to Woodsford RxBridge.
The pharmacy finance product is
far superior and provides me with
a greater level of funding for my

- Chemist Owner

Woodsford RxBridge is a specialist provider of pharmacy finance to the retail sector.

  • Release up to 2x your monthly NHS turnover
  • Simple and cost effective
  • Same day access to funds, use for any purpose

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