Having cash available is a powerful tool for any business, especially growing businesses.

Maybe you want to negotiate discounts with your own suppliers, accept a big order or just keep everything moving smoothly.

That’s exactly what Supply Chain Finance promises and it is supposed to be simple. Tradebridge take care of the ‘cash gap’ between invoice and payment with our ‘early payment’ program. Early payment when you need it, with no hassle.

Step #1

Once your customer has joined, you will be invited to sign-up to Tradebridge. Instant payments are just a few clicks away.

Step #2

Log on to our Supplier Portal and see your invoices, their approval status and the discount fee to have them paid immediately.

Step #3

Select the invoices you would like paid and choose the payment method

Step #4

We process your payment the same day
That’s what we mean by ‘Supply Chain Finance unlocked’

It's about more than the money


There is no minimum payment amount and no minimum finance period. If you want that £500 invoice (due in 5 days) paid now, it is your call, try us!

  • Minimum payment amount – none

  • Minimum finance period – none

  • Payments processed – same day

Customer Sponsored

It’s tough out there, and every company wants to appear strong. Surveys constantly show that a major reason why many companies (rightly or wrongly) avoid factoring, is the fear of looking financially weak.

Tradebridge is different, your customer is a partner in the program and wants to make it successful.

  • Supply Chain resilience – enhanced

  • Total supply chain costs – reduced

Finance Options

If there is one lesson from the ‘Financial Crisis’ it is this, never be reliant on just one source of funding. Even if you don’t need us now, it costs nothing to sign up for Tradebridge and having a choice is always good, right?

  • Cash – paid when you need it


Comparing business finance offerings is a nightmare; facility fees, interest rates, application and renegotiation fees, covenants and security... the list goes on. We have benchmarked our discount fee against the full cost of other popular SME financing options and we believe that we offer great value... and it is usually:

  • Amount advanced – 100% (less fee)

  • Recourse (if buyer doesn't pay) – none

  • Security required – none

* These are our standard program terms, your program may differs and if so your Supplier Agreement will state this clearly

Register your customer.

If you would like to suggest your customer considers supplier finance, register them here and we’ll follow up with them (anonymously if you like).

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“for any small business there are times when having an additional source of funds available when you need it makes a big difference”

NN Small business owner.

Is Supplier Finance right for my company?

It may offer many excellent benefits for suppliers, but unfortunately it does not suit every business.


If you are already using factoring or invoice discounting, you can usually still use Tradebridge supplier finance as we do not "factor" your invoices (we pay them early!). However please check as we will probably still need to pay into your factors trust account.


It makes sense that you have a reasonable volume of sales with this customer; otherwise the amount of finance available will be small. If you have a lot of customers with small accounts we can usually suggest better methods of business finance.


Lastly, some fine print. Like all forms of finance, Tradebridge early payment is subject to your customer’s credit facility limit which may be modified, withdrawn or simply ‘used up’ by other suppliers. Whilst we do our best to make sure this doesn't happen, we strongly recommend that you maintain range of funding options for your business.