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An invoice revolution

UK businesses have many £billions of hard to find working capital locked up in their financial supply chain, money that cannot be used to fund innovation, develop new markets or fuel growth.

The Breedon Report, ‘Boosting Finance Options for Business’ projected a post crisis funding gap of £84 - £191 billion over the next 5 years. They reported
‘Many larger companies use payment terms to manage their cashflow. However, companies within their supply chains, typically SMEs, can struggle to raise working capital finance. For this reason, a suite of supply chain finance products has evolved to help companies manage cashflow within their supply chain’.

The only problem is, these solutions were only available to the supply chains of major multinationals… UNTIL NOW!

The life of an invoice

Transparency and Power!

Critical to the success of any supplier early payment process is making the ‘procure to pay’ processes both more visible and more efficient.

With our proven technology platform, approved suppliers gain full visibility of their invoice status. They can choose which invoices are paid early and when, controlling both their cashflow and finance costs.

Our buyer customers also have full access to the system for audit and reporting purposes, and Woodsford TradeBridge will take care of the system administration and set-up for all supplier and buyer users.

“With a weekly payroll to meet, cashflow is vital to our business. Being able to see the status of our invoices and to choose an early payment if we want is great for us.”

David van Gelder - Director at the Painting Partnership

The electronic invoice revolution

It has taken a long time, far too long, but the e-invoice revolution has finally begun with some exciting new e-invoice networks leading the way.

Get on board, in a few short years your paper invoice will be about as popular as ‘lighting up’ in the local family restaurant. If you are not already implementing an
e-invoicing service, talk to us, supplier finance and e-invoicing make great bedfellows, especially when rolled out together.

  • Motivate supplier sign-up with early payment

  • Offset your e-invoice program cost

  • Integrated and fit-for-the-future

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