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Damn Straight!

One of my favourite UK businesses was featured in the FT last week (http://goo.gl/CJiwo5) . And, as much as I enjoy their product (I’ve been a Naked Wines ‘Angel’ for two years now), it is the way that they have embraced supplier finance at the heart of their business model that I love most of all.

Don’t get me wrong, Naked Wines do the front end, customer engagement stuff exceedingly well, but the real innovation in their business is on the supplier side. They provide talented winemakers with both the finance to fund their production and a snappy marketing platform, all of which leaves the wine guy to…well, make the wine.  

Sure, every company operating in the food and beverage sector has gone through plenty of change over the past decade. Whether that change was forced on them by a large retailer or whether they have embraced technology to reach their customers in new ways. But how many have looked downstream to find a true innovation in their supply chain?

Customers who get a better product at a better price, suppliers who are rusted-on loyal and financial results way better than the average. It seems like an innovation that is paying off.

While in the Naked Wines case it is their ‘crowd’ of Angels like me who provide the supplier funding, other organisations are getting similar results with externally provided funding from TradeBridge.

So, leaving the final word to Rowan Gormley, the boss of Naked Wines.

‘If you can help your supplier by financing them, you become their number one dream customer’

….damn straight!


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