Made in England, funding the UK manufacturing sector

Why some stars of the UK manufacturing sector are finding it hard to attract funding.


New government regulations have been introduced to force companies to report both their supplier payment practices AND performance.

Hard Cheese

I meet a lot of businesses that are terribly disappointed with their Stock Finance facilities.


Andy Harwood, co-founder of boutique advisory firm Pharmacy Seekers and experienced industry leader, has today announced the launch of a major new

Hilton hotel built in Leeds by GB Group

Potential destabilisation of the UK subcontractor market due to the collapse of GB Group, a major player in the construction industry.


The solution to your supply chain finance problems.


“The world was a crazy place. Lehman’s had just gone bust, it looked as though the world was about to end and it was spectacularly bad timing,” says Rowan Gormley, co-founder and chief executive of Naked Wines, of his decision to start the company in 2008.


The British UK retail sector is in the new again! What Tesco should be learning from their suppliers...


When we talk to the Finance Director of a potential client about how they could use Supply Chain Finance (SCF) to enhanc


Even if your suppliers needed early payments they would be reluctant to ask.


Supply Chain Finance is the provision of funds by funders to companies to enable them to pay their suppliers.


Slowdowns in the cash conversion cycle, for whatever reason, adversely impact the cash balance and impact everyone in the supply chain.


The UK Retail sector is slowly returning to growth and companies who are able to react quickly and seize the opportunity will reap the rewards.


It was my pleasure to host a round table session at the 2014 Supply Fest conference on ‘Managing the Rapidly Growing Supply Chain’.


Give your buyers the tools they need to maximise their spending power and make the best returns for your company.


Is rapid sales growth good news?


The first part of the answer is to understand the real cost of finance for your suppliers.


Not too sure what supply chain finance is? Wondering how it works and if it is right for you? Have any concerns? All your questions answered on the FAQs page.



Supply Chain Finance Invoice Discounting Factoring

Supply Chain Finance is a relatively new way of providing liquidity to businesses. But what is it, why do it, and how is it different from the more traditional approaches of Factoring and Invoice Discounting?

Consider how a supplier early payment programme can support your goals

Rather than setting yourself up as the bad guy on supplier payments, consider how a supplier early payment programme can support your goals.

to disrupt the business model of your competitors

Payment terms have always been a crucial part of both the marketing mix and business strategy, and a classic way to disrupt the business model of your competitors.

Transaction banks work to define common standards for supply chain financing

Supply Chain Finance is 'the hot new thing' as it bridges the financial gap left by the banks.