One simple mission:
to bring the benefits of supplier early payment
to the corporate mid sector.

So what are the potential benefits?

Here are some questions we think that all mid and large sized companies could ask themselves:

Release value from your financial supply chain

How does our suppliers’ cost of finance impact on our costs?

How can we optimise payment terms?

Can we secure early payment discounts?

Streamline processes

Can we reduce payment runs by harmonising terms?

Can supplier finance help fund and support our e-invoicing program?

Create sell-side opportunities

How can we use SCF to create a competitive advantage?

Secure your critical business partners

What would be the impact of further credit tightening on our suppliers?

Would our suppliers tell us if they have cashflow problems?

Will our suppliers be able to respond to a sudden increase in demand?

It’s always nice to reward a trusted supplier with a large order, after all you’ve been working profitably together for years, and with your close relationship they would obviously ask for help if they needed it, wouldn’t they? Would you ask your most important customer?

The cost and availability of business finance varies enormously between companies,
do you know what your suppliers are really paying for invoice finance?

This is just one area where Supplier Finance can help, but in our experience, each organisation will have its own
compelling driver for considering an early payment program. Our approach is to work together with you,
our ‘buyer customer’, to provide a program meets these needs.

Is Supplier Finance right for my company?

With years of experience in supply chain and financial supply chain best practices and systems, we are able to give a quick, clear, insight into the potential of a supply chain finance program in your organisation.

While we believe that many corporates will be able to realise significant, tangible benefits from a supplier finance program, like you, we have nothing to gain from investing in a program that is doomed to fail because the benefits just aren't there.

“Mark showed a unique understanding of the financial, IT and supply chain challenges we faced as an organisation, and offered some keen insights into areas of improvement”

Regional Supply Chain manager

Discuss, learn, discover…

Our free requirements analysis workshop will:

  • Identify your key business drivers for considering a supplier finance agreement
  • Analyse your current financial supply chain finance processes to identify:
  • benefit opportunities
  • potential barriers to implementation of a supplier finance program
  • likely attractiveness of the program for your supplier base
  • best options for system integration and program structuring

From the workshop you will get:

  • A free report into supply chain process improvement opportunities identified
  • Assessment of the potential benefits of a supply chain finance program
  • A recommendation as to the suitability of the program for your organisation

Enquire about our free SCF workshop and explore the benefits of early payment for your supply chain